DESPINA is a Private Limited Company established in 2016 within the meaning of Section 2(1) Clause (Q) of Companies Act, 1994. 


The Vision of the Company is ‘A Bangladesh where necessary industrial and agriculture-based industrial products are produced in the factories of this land empowering male and female human resources equally.’

The Mission of the Company is ‘To establish manufacturing industries to reduce import dependency and to contribute resilient economic development.’

The Values of the Company are:

i) Courage – to be creative, radical, and innovative – without fear of failure – to find unconventional solutions.

ii) Mutual respect – to recognize the innate dignity and worth of all people.

iii) Productivity – to acknowledge per capita production in leveraging the development of the Company.


There are hereby established two organs of The DESPINA LIMITED., which shall jointly constitute the Company, namely:

I) The Board of Directors: shall be the governance board of the Company comprising all the directors. Governance of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors, which tops the organizational structure.

II) The Democratic Platform of Employee (DPE): shall be the professional management organ of the company comprising of the representatives from all levels of the employees and headed by the Chief Executive Officer. Elected and/or nominated representatives from every level of the Company are the members of the DPE. The term of member in DPE shall be two years.


The Board of Directors is the supreme authority to decide in what portion of the income derived from the company shall be utilized in which areas. Every year after calculation of net income the Board of Directors shall take decision in this regards. If not decided otherwise by the Board of Directors, income of the Company shall be generally distributed in the areas below:

a) Majority portion of the income from the Company would be reinvested in pursuit of the objectives of the Company.

b) A certain portion of the income from the Company shall be distributed to its Directors proportionate to the ownership.

c) A portion of the income from the Company may be distributed among the staff for their performances in the form of best employee bonus, excellent performance increment, and motivational incentives.


The official calendar year of the Company shall commence on 1st day of July and end on 30th day of June each year until further policy changes.